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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The only ones important enough-

With regards to David Codrea from his blog, The War on Guns, I couldn't help but steal his signature header for this post.

Salt Lake City Employees Banned From Using Cell Phones While Driving
The mayor would like everyone to think about the families who have lost loved ones in car crashes caused by drivers on cell phones. He encourages drivers to pull over when the cell phone rings. He would like this order to apply to everyone; however state law prohibits cities from making those restrictions. Therefore Mayor Anderson is making this a rule for all city employees, except city council members. [emphasis added] He hopes this will set an example. "It's about raising people's consciousness. Visualizing what can happen when you take your eyes off the road for two or three seconds," Anderson says.
Now, Rocky has already proven himself loonier than almost everyone except Dennis Kucinich and has made a (ugly) name for himself by speaking out against our administration and the war in Iraq. He's even due to debate Sean Hannity sometime in the very near future.

But I love his edict directing all city employees to not use their cell phones while driving- except for the special ones- the city council members. I suppose the reasons of distraction from task of driving Salt Lake's busy streets don't apply to those important folks!

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